Third Indoor Air Quality Meeting

held at:
Oxford Brookes University
10th-12th July 2000

Presentation Abstracts and Additional Notes


Morten Ryhl-Svendsen

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Presentation Abstracts:


1) Peter Brimblecombe: An approach to air pollution standards in museums

2) Susan Bradley: Appropriate standards for conservation

3) Jean Tétreault: Standards for levels of pollutants in museums: part III

4) Graham Martin: Exchange Rates in museum cases - a standard?

5) Lorraine Gibson: What do the numbers mean?

6) Monika Fjaestad: Classification of museum environments as a tool to improve the air quality

7) Oscar F. van den Brink, Gert B. Eijkel, and Jaap J. Boon: Paint based dosimetry of the museum environment

8) Marianne Odlyha, N.S. Cohen, R. Campana, and G.M. Foster: Damage assessment in test paintings: a means of evaluating museum-environmental risk?


9) Frank Ligterink & Maarten van Bommel: Modelling of mass transfer processes into display cases.

10) James R. Druzik & Glen R. Cass: A new look at soiling of contemporary paintings by soot in art museums

11) Jean Tétreault, Michel Therrien and Patrick Olivier: Mathematical modelling of pollutants in an enclosure

12) Velson Horie: Standards specification for display cases

13) Simon Watts & Max Libedinsky: Measurements from a museum case

14) Morten Ryhl-Svendsen & Jens Glastrup: Direct measurements of acetic acid by SPME-GC/MS, and calculation of emission rates from emission chamber tests

15) Young Hun Yoon & Peter Brimblecombe: Soiling by coarse particles in the museum environment

16) Anders Karlsson: A survey of wood based construction materials available on the Swedish market and their impact on metal objects


17) Jonathan Ashley-Smith: Epidemiology of the museum world

18) Andrew Calver: Conservation, research and the budget - a sharp end view

19) Tadj Oreszczyn: Universities & museums - an account of work in progress (DETR funded)

20) Agnes Brokerhof: Quest for that pot of gold

21) Norman H. Tennent: Stamina and persistence, the keynotes to successful grant applications for conservation science funding

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The abstracts are also available collated in one PDF document
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November, 2000

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