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A two day conference entitled Museum Pollution : Detection and Mitigation of Carbonyls was held at Strathclyde University on the 17-18 June 1998. Over 30 delegates from the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and the US attended. Several carbonyl pollution issues were discussed and a number of actions were proposed.
The initiative to have the 1998 meeting resulted in setting up a working group and the momentum that was gained has been consolidated during the following years.
Since 1998, meetings have been held more or less annually, at Instituut Collectie Nederland (1999), Oxford Brookes University (2001), The National Museum of Denmark (2001), University of East Anglia (2003), CNR-ISAC Padova (2004), Fraunhofer Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institute (WKI) Braunschweig (2006), Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (2008), Chalon-sur-Saône (2010), London (2012), Prague (2014), and Birmingham (2016).
During all meetings, the developments in research into indoor air pollution and conservation were discussed in an informal, yet serious, atmosphere.


Latest conference: Indoor Air Quality in Heritage and Historic Environments 2018 was held in Krakow, Poland, October 10-12, 2018.
Book of abstracts (in PDF)

The next IAQ meeting will be at the University of Antwerp, Belgium
Important update regarding the next conference: Due to the Covid-19 situation the IAQ2020 Conference in Antwerp has been postponed. It will be rescheduled for October 2020, more information will be posted here in due time, and at the conference website at University of Antwerp:

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Online Presentation Abstracts from Working Group Meetings:

1998 Glasgow:Conference report
Presentation Abstracts and Additional Notes, 1998
1999 Amsterdam: Conference report
Presentation Abstracts and Additional Notes, 1999
2000 Oxford:Conference report
Presentation Abstracts and Additional Notes, 2000
2001 Copenhagen: Conference report
Presentation Abstracts and Additional Notes, 2001

2003 Norwich:

Conference report
Presentation Abstracts and Additional Notes, 2003

2004 Padova:

Abstracts and posters: IAQ2004 website at CNR-ISAC.

2006 Braunschweig:

Presentation Abstracts and Additional Notes, 2006

2008 Vienna:

Presentation and Poster Abstracts, 2008.

2010 Chalon-sur-Saône:

Presentation and Poster Abstracts, 2010.

2012 London:

Book of Abstracts, 2012 (PDF, 1 Mb).

2014 Prague:

Programme and Book of Abstracts, 2014 (PDF, 2 Mb).

2016 Birmingham:

Book of Abstracts, Presentations and Posters, 2016.

2018 Krakow:

Book of Abstracts, 2018 (PDF, 2 Mb).
Brainstorm document: research gaps identified during discussion at the conference

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Glasgow meeting 1998
From the round-table discussions at the first meeting in Glasgow, 1998.

Vienna meeting 2008
Ten years later, IAQ2008 in Vienna

Vienna meeting 2008
IAQ2016 in Birmingham

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