8th Indoor Air Quality 2008 Meeting

IAQ 2008: 17th - 19th April 2008

Presentation Abstracts and Additional Notes

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

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List of abstracts:

Natural Ventilation, Air Exchange and Conservational AspectsNatural Ventilation, Air Exchange and Conservational Aspects
W. Kippes

Prediction of Damages Caused by Pollutants by Using Risk Assessment Approaches
J. Tétreault

Advances and Trends in Air Purification
C. Muller, R. Corel and R. Van Dijke

Experimental and Computer Simulation Approach to Investigating the Environmental Performance of a Rare Books Archive
J. Chang and B. Falk

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality in the New Collections Centre of the Swiss National Museums
V. Hubert, K. Hunger and L. Philippe

Air Quality in Museum Storage Buildings
M. Ryhl-Svendsen

The Evaluation of the Indoor Air Quality of Four Storage Rooms of the Royal (National) Library of the Netherlands
J. Havermans, H. Abud Aziz and H. Porck

Dosimetry for Characterization of Environmental Conditions for Paintings in Microclimate Frames
T. Grøntoft, E. Dahlin, M. Odlyha, P. Mottner, M. Scharff, G. Andrade, M. Obarzanowski, S. Hackney, D. Thickett, J. Wadum and M. P. Colombini

Alteration of Cultural Heritage Artefacts in Museum Environments: A Few Case Studies
C. Degrigny

The Influence of Dust on Indoor Metal Corrosion at Heritage Sites
D. Thickett and V. Costa

The Application and Further Developpment of Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal(PQC) -Based Dosimeters for Monitoring Microclimates
M.Odlyha, S.Jakiela, C.Theodorakopoulos, J.M.Slater, A.Caviccioli, D.L.A. de Faria, A.Niklasson, A.Schieweck and D.Thickett

Sulfur and Iron Contaminants in Marine Archaeological Wood
Y. Fors, F. Jalilehvand, E. Damian Risberg and M. Sandström

Assessment and Ranking of Parchment Deterioration by an Integrated Macro to Mesoscopic Approach
G. Della Gatta, E. Badea, M Saczuk, M. Odlyha, C. Theodorakopoulos, K. Mühlen and R. Larsen

Relation Between Indoor Air Quality in Wilanow - Museum Palace and Potential Biodeterioration of Genuine Suede
A. Leskiewicz-Laudy, M. Kotarska and A. Sklodowska

Monitoring of Fungi in Museums and Depots as a Major Tool to Prevent Contamination and Biodeterioration
K. Sterflinger

The Protective Role of Titanium Dioxide Pigments on Pictorial Artworks in Contaminated Indoor Environments
E. A. Varella, A. Antoniadis, Z. Eirini Papliaka and N. Wendland

Sterile Air Humidification with MOL System
A. Machmüller

Air Quality Monitoring and Preservation of Collections: 10 Years since Glasgow and IAQ98
C. Grzywacz

Miniaturised Optical Fibre Sensor to Detect Condensation Inside/Outside Organ Pipes
B. Camuffo, A. della Valle, F. Baldini, R. Falciai, A. Mencaglia and F. Senesi

Automated Atmospheric Corrosion Sensors for Real Time Monitoring: Sensitivity and First Practical Experiences
T. Prosek, M. Kouril, Y. Degres, D. Thierry and K. Doubravova

A New Particulate Deposition Monitor: Investigating the Synergistic Effects of RH and Dust
K. Hallett, P. Brimblecombe, H. Lloyd and D. Thickett

Emission Rates of VOC from Paper versus Cellulose Degradation: an Integrated Approach to Paper Characterisation
O. Ramalho, A.-L. Dupont, C. Egasse and A. Lattuati-Derieux

Investigation of Paper Surface and Sub-Surface Regions by LA ICP MS
C. Wagner, A. Drewniak, E. Bulska, D. Rams and W. Sobucki

Requirements for the Preventative Conservation of Works of Art and New Solutions for Air Conditioning of Display Cases
C. Engemann-Wendt and M. John

Concept Development of IAQ in Museums Using Computer Simulation by CFD-Methods P. Vogel, T. Waurick and F. Schumann

Chemical Emissions and Secondary Reactions in Museum Showcases
A. Schieweck and T. Salthammer

Edgar Degas's wax sculptures: Case studies
D. Barbour and B. England

Packaging of Museum Objects: Criteria and Test Methods for Plastic Film Selection
J. Bergmair, M. Krainz and H. Fritz

Study of Old Library Dust, Trinity College Dublin
S. Bioletti and R. Goodhue

A Survey of VOCs in UK Library and Archive Stores
C.V.Horie and L.T.Gibson

A-Bios System for Air Purification from Biological Contaminants in the Indoor Environments
C. Fanelli, F. Pinzari, P. Valenti, S. Zjalic and M. Reverberi

Climate Change in the Museum, or the Attempt to Foresee What the Museum's Exhibits Can Expect from a Passive House
V. Ljubic

Archival Boxes' Chemical Microenvironments
T. Lojewski and T. Sawoszczuk

Museum Storage Areas: Microclimate and Air Quality Short-Term Monitoring Program
E. Giani, A. Giovagnoli and M.P. Nugari

Circulation or Layering? - Behavior of Air Inside Museum Enclosures and its Influence on Indoor Air Quality
A. Schieweck, P. Meinlschmidt, E. Uhde and T. Salthammer

From Symptom to Diagnosis - The Classification of Damage Symptoms as an Instrument for Efficient Damage Material Analysis
E. Spiegel, R. Drewello and U. Drewello

Microclimate and Environmental Study of the Painting Gallery in Fano (Italy)
M. Letizia Amadori, U. Giostra, M. Letizia Andreazzo, S. Barcelli

Degradation of Collagen in Parchments by NOx and SO2
E. Badea, G. Della Gatta, D.V. Poulsen, A. Masic, L. Miu, M. Giurginca and P. Budrugeac

COLLAPSE. Corrosion of Lead and Lead-Tin Alloys of Organ Pipes in Europe
A. Niklasson, L.-G. Johansson and J.-E. Svensson

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Indoor Air in India
K.S. Patel, R. Baghel, J. Lintelmann, G. Matuschek

Indoor Air Quality Measurements in a Criminological Museum in Athens, Greece
D. Saraga, T. Maggos, S. Pateraki, K. Bairachtari, J. Michopoulos and C. Vasilakos

The Investigation of Mercury Emissions from Historic Tin-Mercury Mirrors
M.Torge, S. Krug, M. Bücker, J. Birkhahn and H. Witthuhn

Monitoring and Controlling of Fungal Deterioration on Textile Collection in Museum of Jordanian Heritage
O. Abdel-Kareem

Identification of Fungi associated with Foxing on Paper, Based on Analysis of the Sequences of the Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) Regions
A. Michaelsen, F. Pinzari and G. Pinar

Measurement of the Micro-Aeroflora Deteriorating Potentialities in the Indoor Environments
F. Pinzari, V. Cialej and N. Barbabietola

Paint Coatings as One Major Factor to Prevent or to Enhance Fungal Growth in Museums and Depots
S. Hager, L. Havranek and K. Sterflinger

NIR-Chemometrics: Quantification of Gelatin in Historic Papers
L. Cséfalvayová, M. Strlic, M. Pelikan, I. Kralj Cigic and J. Kolar

Pollution Aging of Deacidified Papers
T. Lojewski and K. Zieba

Chemical Emissions and Secondary Reactions in Museum Showcases
A. Schieweck and T. Salthammer

Sensor System for Detection of Harmful Environments for Pipe Organs
C.J. Bergsten, M. Odlyha, L. Bratasz and D. Camuffo

Recent Developments in Thermal Desorption (TD) - GCMS Technology For Further Enhancements in Trace Detection
P. G. Hughes, E. Woolfenden and M. Battes

Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Culture Heritage Objects
A. Nowak, D. Walaszek, B. Wagner and E. Bulska

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Dr. Martina Griesser
Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
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