Carbonyl Pollution - Conference Report

A two day conference entitled Museum Pollution : Detection and Mitigation of Carbonyls was held at Strathclyde University on the 17-18 June 1998. Over 30 delegates from the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and the US attended. Several carbonyl pollution (acetic acid, formic acid and formaldehyde) issues were discussed and a number of actions were proposed. The more important conclusions and aspects drawn from the meeting are listed below :

A summary of the conference is available and, in time, a document will be prepared containing the conference presentation abstracts and our future research plan. Results of the on-going research will be presented at the next meeting in '99. If you are interested in receiving further information, or indeed have information about carbonyl pollution that you are willing to share with the group, please contact:

The Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage
Gabriel Metsustraat 8
1071 EA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tele : + 020 3054 780
fax : + 020 3054 700

Text as mailed on the Conservation Research Discussion List, 19th October, 1998.

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Index of presentations at IAP 1998 meeting

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