IAQ 2000, Presentation 12:

C. V. Horie

The Manchester Museum



It is well known that the care of objects is improved considerably by putting them into a display or storage cabinet. Expectations have risen but have not been put into a widely agreed format. This has created problems for conservators in preparing specifications for such cabinets and particulary for the manufactures of cabinets who have to respond to the idiosyncratic requirements of client museums for cabinet performance. With the lack of a widely agreed "industry standard", both users and suppliers of cabinets are uncertain about specifications. This leads to misunderstandings, increased costs for development and retrofitting improvements to inadequate cabinets.

This discussion paper is to present, in draft form, a "menu" of requirements whose clauses can be drawn upon to write specifications acceptable to both suppliers and end users.

C.V. Hoire Keeper of Conservation
The Manchester Museum, Manchester, U.K.
E-mail: c.v.horie@man.ac.uk

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