IAQ 2003, Presentation 23:

Pollution Control: Priorities and Solutions for Collections in Historical Buildings

Jean Tétreault

Canadian Conservation Institute

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It is usually a challenge to provide an acute control of pollutants in historical buildings without interfering with the integrity of the collection and the building. In this presentation, the author will investigate the pro and con of macro pollutant controls in the room and the pro and con of the use of enclosures based on the three inter-related heritage principles: integrity, visibility and preservation. An index of priority of actions will be also proposed to insure optimum improvement [1].


[1] Tétreault, J. Airborne Pollutants in Museums, Galleries and Archives: Risk Assessment, Control Strategies and Preservation Management, Canadian Conservation Institute. Ottawa (2003).

Author to whom correspondence may be addressed:

Jean Tétreault
Canadian Conservation Institute
1030 Innes Road, Ottawa
Ontario K1A 0M5

E-mail: jean_tetreault@pch.gc.ca

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