IAQ 2003, Presentation 14:

H2S and SCO in the Museum Environment

Hubertus A. Ankersmit 1, Norman H. Tennent 2 & Simon F. Watts 3

Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage 1
University of Amsterdam, The Nederlands 2
Oxford-Brookes University, United Kingdom 3

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This study reports the results of a series of passive sampler measurements of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbonyl sulfide (OCS) in museum environments. The aim of this work is to develop a framework for the interpretation of indoor H2S measurements. Specifically, the aims of this study are:

  • to quantify seasonal trends in H2S concentrations.
  • to investigate the H2S concentrations in and outside showcases as a function of sources and sinks.
  • to determine the hydrogen sulfide concentration gradients in a room.
The results of these measurements are analysed with respect to visitor numbers, and are used to develop a Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level (LOAEL) values for H2S and OCS with silver. This is further used to comment on the likely modus operandi of silver tarnish, as well as to provide contextual comment on the results obtained from the SILPROT project, as well as all others from our laboratories.

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Author to whom correspondence may be addressed:

Hubertus A. Ankersmit
Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage
P.O. Box 76709
1070 KA, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

E-mail: bart.ankersmit@icn.nl

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