IAQ 2003, Presentation 9:

A Neutral Museum Environment

Monika Fjaestad

National Heritage Board, Sweden

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Since 1999 the Conservation Department at the National Heritage Board has been studying the indoor environment in museums. The project is called Neutral materials in the museum environment. We have monitored 20 ambients by means of passive gas samplers and standard metal coupons. The results from this survey shows the corrosivity in show cases and store rooms. The corrosion level is determined and compared with the concentration of organic acids. As predicted the dehumidified areas produce less corrosion but the air is also cleaned from organic acids. The project has also been occupied with the conduction of emission rate tests from wood materials with special regard to organic acids. Our aim is to find good fittings for show cases and exhibition design for permanent and short time use. To be able to predict damage and to assess thresholds we plan a full scale test with the wood materials involved.

Author to whom correspondence may be addressed:

Monika Fjaestad
National Heritage Board
Conservation Department
Box 5405
S 114 84 Stockholm

E-mail: monika.fjaestad@raa.se

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