IAQ 2003, Presentation 8:

A Small Chamber Test and Oddy Test on MDF grade (E0, E1)

Myoung-nam Kim, Hei-sun Yu, & Sung-eun Lee

Conservation Science Lab., The National Museum of Korea

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Careful consideration needs to be taken when the museum display cases are selected. Materials used in the production of showcases should satisfy its standard uses in museums. Recently, the uses of Medium Density Fibreboard E0 (MDF E0) and Medium Density Fibreboard E1 (MDF E1) in the construction of a display case and exhibition areas have been increased in Korea. This report is to investigate the suitability of these two different fiberboards to house museum's objects. Small environmental chamber test was used to measure the different emission levels of the gases; formaldehyde and acetaldehyde from MDF E0 and MDF E1. Then, the Oddy Test was used to measure the impact of these gases: formaldehyde, acetaldehyde. In order to do the test, the small metal samples are prepared: Silver, Iron, Copper, Lead. In the small chamber test, the level of formaldehyde was measured lower in MDF E0 than MDF E1. However, the level of acetaldehyde was measured higher in MDF E0 than MDF E1. The results of Oddy Test showed the samples tested with acetaldehyde have been damaged more than the ones with formaldehyde. Especially, Iron, Copper, Lead were more damaged by acetaldehyde than formaldehyde in the level of their discoloration and corrosion. The fact that the emission levels of these gases are likely to be much higher (approximately 120 times higher) in an air-tight display cases (air change rate: 0. 004/hr = 0.1/day) than in a small environmental chamber (air change rate: 0.5/hr =12/day), which used in this investigation. These implies that MDF E0 could cause undesirable impart to the objects than MDF E1. This tells us that MDF E0 could cause undesirable impacts to the objects than MDF E1. Many questions need to be answered in the near future. Based upon this investigation, the authors wish to carry out continuous investigation in this matter.

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Author to whom correspondence may be addressed:

Myong-Nam Kim
3DA-603, Shiwa Industrial Complex
Siheung City, Kyunggi-Do, 429-450
South Korea

E-mail: mnsj1004@hotmail.com

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