IAP 2001, Presentation 4, PART 1:


Hubertus Ankersmit+, Maximiliano Lebidinsky, and Simon F. Watts

School of Biological and Molecular Sciences, Oxford Brookes University
Instituut Collectie Nederland / Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN) +


The results of some case exchange experiments is reported. The case used for these experiments had a volume of 1.5 m3 and composed of 4mm polycarbonate sheets with pre-drilled holes covered with duck tape, (See slides from presentation).

N2O, Temperature and relative humidity were measured at various points inside and outside the case. The N2O was squirted into the case (maximum total concentration was 5%) and the concentrations of N2O, RH and temperature measured with time. This set-up was chosen as it gives the basis of a simple and economic method for the measurement and interpretation of case exchange rates in working (i.e. with artefacts) museum cases.

Data from the laboratory case was presented and showed a number of characteristics:

  1. The decay of the levels of RH and N2O were broadly consistent
  2. The data showed a very interesting second order dependance (i.e. 1/[N2O] vs time) was a straight line
  3. The determined exchange rate varied not only with the cross section of the holes, but also as a function of the position of the holes
Some of this behaviour was attributed to the particular design of the test case, and in particular the second order variation of N2O - this behaviour has not been observed in other comparable cases and is thought to be the effect of the dissolution in the adhesive of the duck tape as it leaves the case.

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Ankersmit, H.
Instituut Collectie Nederland
Gabriel Metsustraat 8
Postbus 76709
1070 KA Amsterdam

Lebidinsky, M. and Watts, S.F.*
School of Biological and Molecular Sciences
Oxford Brookes University
Headington, Oxford, UK
E-mail: sfwatts@brookes.ac.uk*

(*): Author to whom correspondence may be addressed:

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