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This web-site is a personal project run by Morten Ryhl-Svendsen. While the content of the major part of this site is a product of my personal opinions and ideas, I cannot take responsibility for actions taken after reading texts on this website. Do always be sceptical to what you read and use rather your own common sense than mine.
    This site is constantly growing in size. While the main subject of the website is air quality and its impact on the cultural heritage I'll take the liberty to add anything else I find interesting. Therefore you might find some of the "corners" of the website quite odd (or maybe very interesting).
    Most material on this site is protected by copyright owned by the authors, this goes both for texts and photographs. You are allowed to cite material from this website, if you include the reference URL.

A note about the format of the site:
The layout of this website is not fancy. One directory on heritage web recources comments the "IAQ in Museums" site like this: "The emphasis is on content rather than aesthetics here" (but luckily they continue: "and the site's coverage is impressive"). I'm actually quite proud of this first comment because this was exactly my intention for this website.
    My goal with web publishing is to allow access to information for as many as possible, this is why the site lacks any sign of 'Java', 'Shockwave', 'Virtual Reality Modeling Language', or the like. You won't even find pages written in the newest hypertext mark-up language versions, with a very few exceptions all pages validates as the old HTML version 3.2 according to the World Wide Web Consortium. This way the website can be viewed by the majority of people, including those who stick to the early versions of Netscape or Mosaic browsers.
    This is about connection instead of web design show-off. The most important function of the world-wide-web is to set information free. There are still many out there with low capacity connections, old computers, and more or less obsolete software.

The pages are optimized for a screen resolution of 800x600, however this setting is not crucial for viewing them.

Indoor Air Quality in Museums and Archives
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